Rencontre avec Katrine Monnier Thomas, étudiante ERASMUS à l’ESC Rennes School of Business

L’international, c’est l’ADN de l’ESC Rennes School of Business !


Le Programme Grande Ecole s’inscrit parfaitement dans ce contexte : des cours progressivement en anglais pour tous les étudiants grâce à un corps professoral constitué de 80 % de professeurs étrangers, au moins un semestre académique obligatoire à l’étranger ainsi qu’une période de stage sans parler du parcours 3 zones ! La  dimension internationale se perçoit aussi sur le campus lui-même. En effet, 1/3 des étudiants sont étrangers, on en croise partout dans les locaux ! Certains ont même décidé de prolonger leur séjour pour accueillir les futurs Admissibles de l’ESC Rennes School of Business. Retour sur l’aventure ERASMUS avec Katrine Monnier Thomas, d’origine Norvégienne, qui étudie à l’ESC Rennes depuis septembre dernier.


–       Hey Katrine, let’s make a little presentation of yourself! Tell us about you, where are you from?

I’m from Norway; I live in the capital, Oslo. I’m studying at the Oslo University College. I’m doing a bachelor in Business Administration (economics, marketing, business). My mother is French and this is probably why I’m here.


–       Why have you chosen to come in ESC Rennes for your ERASMUS?

The main reason is, like I said, that my mother is French. Furthermore, the business schools in France have good reputation. And I think that France has a diversified culture, and this is interesting to discover it. France is an important country in the European union. Then, to choose the right school, I asked my French family. I had the choice to go in Lyon, Paris or Rennes. They told me that Rennes is a lovely city and that the school has a good ranking and that it is truly international.. Plus, student life in Rennes is great.


–       How do you feel in the ESC Rennes?

I love the school. I was supposed to stay here a half year (until last December) and I’m still there. French are more open-minded than people in Norway. There are very good interactions between French and Erasmus. I enjoy being in the student club with my some friends. I like the international aspect of the school.


–       What kind of classes do you have?

I have no particular speciality. We have a list of courses for ERASMUS and then we take some courses in the list. We have to follow 6 courses each semester. For example, in Marketing I learn « New product and brand management ». I also have European geopolitics and this is interesting because Norway is not in the union, so we can learn a lot.


–       Is there a huge gap between the French student life and yours in Norway?

There is a difference between the two student lives. An example could be the activities and events proposed by the « micro-entreprises ». We don’t have that kind of associations in Norway. There is a very nice student environment in the school compared to mine.


–       What do you think about the the city of Rennes?

It’s small compared to Oslo but everything is close to where you live. You have everything you need.. Furthermore, this is a beautiful city, close to the beach, and close to the capital, Paris.


–       Why have you chosen to welcome the « Admissibles ESC Rennes 2012 »?

 Mostly because I would like to encounter French people. I even would like to stay longer because I really enjoy my year here; I had a really nice time. I also want to practice the language. And this could be interesting to know how French people work. I really don’t want to go home yet.

My role in the « Admissible 2012 » is the DESK. I have to make the registration of students that are taking their oral exam, answer their questions, support them and make them relax.


–       Do you have something else to add?

I think that it is important to point out that it’s an international school. This is the main positive point. You learn a lot about different countries.